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Educational Tools

  • Avoid the consequences of overborrowing. Learn how to borrow less with the Student Loan Game Plan.Avoid the consequences of overborrowing.
  • Discover the return on your college investment. Explore your different options using the ROCI tool.Discover the return on your college investment.
  • Manage your finances using the different calculators to estimate payments and budgets.Manage your finances with these tools.
  • Make a plan to earn more and spend less.Make a plan to earn more and spend less.

Student Loan Game Plan

Learn how to borrow less for college — and why you should. Make your plan.

What's Your ROCI?

Explore the earnings potential of jobs held by graduates in your major. Find your ROCI.


See job salaries by major, career planning tips and ways to save in college. Find resources.


Use these calculators to estimate your budget and loan payments. Go to calculators.

Iowa Student Loan helps students and families obtain the resources necessary to succeed in postsecondary education.
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